Easy-Finder: "Exploding into the 21st Century on the World Wide Web", with a simple concept and approach to promote commerce for our valued clients. Our evolution into the Electronic Age is still focused on giving the public a simple, easy to use guide, that directs visitors to the businesses, places, locations, events or products that they are seeking to find or purchase. This has been the focus and will continue to be the focus of our program now, and into the future. Our initial vision, of a business locator and directory has been streamlined to accommodate the Internet.

How To Use Our New Internet Directory and Guide: From the front page you may select the Select a State button to find what Businesses, Services, Shopping, accommodations, or Tours and Events you're looking for by the State and City. Or....check out the lists and Services below if your just browsing and want to have some fun. By Clicking on the Select A State button you will go to the select what State. Then click on what City you would like to go to.

Internal Search Engine: You can search any business, event or product on the Easy Finder Search Engine for all five states that we cover. Select the SEARCH button.

Browse Through Easy Finder: City indexes to locate each establishment by category, with its name, address and contact information. You will notice that in the right hand column you will see, E-Mail Buttons that will take you directly to that businesses e-mail box to send them a message. Electronic Brochures and Profile Page Buttons take you directly to that customers Easy Finder Web site. By Clicking the Banners you see within our site, this will take you to different places on the Internet that is advertised on that Banner, and to our customers Electronic Brochures and Profile Pages.

The Electronic Map: this will take you directly to that businesses location. This is printable for your convenience to take along with you in your journey's.

When traveling and looking for Events, Businesses, Services, or Shopping locally, out of town, or out of state, using the Easy Finder Electronic Business Directory at our Internet site, will make it simple to find what you are looking for, with your own personalized guide to get you there! Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy the site through your journeys.

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