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  Here are some great sites to get just about every kind of free software/shareware in the universe to upgrade, fortify, unravel, debug and enhance your computer, not to mention just having some fun sometimes. If I listed all the available programs on these sites this page would take about nine years to load, so enjoy your voyage through some of the vast libraries they make available. Just click on the logo to go to the site of your choice and don't blame me if you're still there at 2:00am pondering which utility to download... webmaster...

Download.com is C|NET's BIG collection of just about anything you can think of using.

ZDNet's software library is also second to none. (hotfiles.com). I use this one frequently.

Shareware.com is a smaller, not-so-overwhelming sibling of Download.com with a similar structure.

Sharewarejunkies has excellent test reviews so you don't have to find out the hard way.

Bill is a very benevolent billionaire and the original King of Freeware.

Download Microsofts' latest, coolest browser version, IE 4.X

Download Netscapes' latest, coolest browser version.

  We'll continue to add links to this page as time goes on to keep you up to speed with changing technologies and 'leading edge' gizmo programs.


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